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As the only link beetween Cendon and Lughignano until 1974 – year of its closing – the boat pass made possible for centuries crossing the River Sile. Modern infrastructures made, infact, old and not used the pass, which was closed in 70s.

This was true until 2011, when, because of the continuing requests of the local popolation, the pass has been re-opened: it lenghten the walk of trevisan Restera , to Cendon, Sant’Elena, Casale sul Sile, Roncade and Via Claudia Augusta.

The river crossing is set up on a simple and sostenible (electric with solar panel power supply) boat, that allows people and bikes to safely pass the river, increasing the possibility of fruition of the area, implementing new turistic, ricreativ and playful features and developing the system of city and inter-city bikeways.