Last Thursday, on September 13, 2018, the annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony took place in Harvard. Mittwoch, 09. Think: Impotence is embarrassing, to be sure, but it can also be a symptom for more serious conditions (diabetes, lymphoma, or arteriosclerosis, for instance). One way to tell the difference between impotence that's "psychogenic" and impotence that has an underlying physical cause is whether or not the patient gets erections while sleeping. Wissenschaftler aus den USA bekamen den Preis in der Kategorie Medizin, weil sie versucht hatten, durch Achterbahnfahren Nierensteine schneller auszuscheiden. - Sep 13, 2018 11:00 pm UTC. Scientists have naturally inquisitive minds, and it's good to encourage the occasional random line of inquiry. And, not surprisingly (we will talk about why we believe it’s not that surprising later in this article), one of the awards was given to the research on technical writing titled ‘Life Is Too Short to RTFM: How Users Relate to Documentation and Excess Features in Consumer Products’. Think: Why would anyone want to calculate the nutritional value of the human body, apart from members of the Donner Party? Just last month MIT physicists published a follow-up paper. Forscher aus Deutschland, Schweden, Kolumbien, Frankreich und der Schweiz erhielten den Preis in der Kategorie Biologie für den Nachweis, dass Wein-Experten durch Geruch verlässlich nachweisen können, ob sich in ihrem Weinglas eine Fliege befindet. Or whether stabbing a voodoo doll representing your horrible boss with pins could help reduce workplace tension? richtigen Nobelpreisträgern. Laugh: Thea Blackler, Rafael Gomez, Vesna Popovic, and M. Helen Thompson, for documenting that most people who use complicated products do not read the instruction manual. The Nobel Prizes: respected, cherished, and overall, very serious. Donna Strickland Born: 1959, Canada. Mal wurde jetzt kuriose Forschung an der Elite-Uni Harvard mit den Spaßpreisen geehrt – von Nierensteinen in der Achterbahn bis zu Fliegen im Wein. In der Kategorie Literatur wurden Forscher aus Australien, El Salvador und Großbritannien für den Nachweis ausgezeichnet, dass die meisten Menschen, die komplizierte Produkte benutzen, die Gebrauchsanweisung nicht lesen. As the recipients put it in their paper, "Life's too short to RTFM." Wissenschaftler aus den USA, Japan, Saudi Arabien, Ägypten, Indien und Bangladesch benutzten Briefmarken um herauszufinden, ob das männliche Geschlechtsorgan richtig funktioniert – und erhielten die Auszeichnung in der Kategorie Fortpflanzungsmedizin. Zuerst Harvard Theatre mit Show & Musical, 2 Tage später im grossen Hörsaal von MIT mehr “science-oriented” talks. Teilnahme Ig Nobel – IG Nobel Verleihung ist tatsächlich eine Veranstaltung die einen bleibenden Eindruck hinterlässt (memorable event). ", Science after hours: Barney’s aquatic traits and how pregnant women stay upright, Controlling fracture cascades through twisting and quenching, MIT scientists crack the case of breaking spaghetti in two. Established in 1991, the Ig Nobels are a good-natured parody of the Nobel Prizes, honoring "achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think." More importantly, studying how cracks form and spread in various kinds of materials is critical to detecting imminent failure in, say, bridge spans or human bones. The Ig Nobel Prize was created and named by Marc Abrahams, The name of the prize is a pun on the word ignoble. The work has that silly Ig Nobel element. The recipients heard enough anecdotal reports of people passing stones more easily while bungee jumping or riding roller coasters (like the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at Walt Disney World) that they deemed it worth investigating further. Ig Nobel 2018: Rollercoasters And Fruit Flies! Ars may earn compensation on sales from links on this site. Kein Witz, sondern die Vorgeschichte der Studie, die Wissenschaftler aus den USA verfasst haben. ชวนส่องรางวัล Ig Nobel 2018 กับงานวิจัยแปลกๆ ที่ไม่น่าเชื่อว่าเป็นไปได้ . 2018. Die traditionell klamaukig-schrille Gala mit mehr als 1000 Zuschauern fand in der Nacht zum Freitag bereits zum 28. These are awarded by our friends at The Annals of Improbable Research every September for scientific research that makes us laugh, and then makes us think. Forscher aus Spanien und Kolumbien analysierten die Häufigkeit, Motivation und Auswirkungen von Schreien und Fluchen beim Autofahren – und erhielten dafür den Preis in der Kategorie Frieden. So even single patients' experiences can vary. Parody Nobel Prizes: this year’s Ig Nobel Prize winners. This suggests that there were primarily social and cultural reasons people resorted to cannibalism. Compared with popular solvents, saliva was the superior … Laugh: John Barry, Bruce Blank, and Michel Boileau, for using postage stamps to test whether the male sexual organ is functioning properly—as described in their study, "Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Monitoring with Stamps.". This study looking at interactions between chimpanzees and visitors to the zoo suggests that might not be the case. WIRED Media Group Ever wondered why so many people don't read instruction manuals, or how many calories are in the human body? Preisträger Akira Horiuchi präsentiert auf Ig-Nobelpreis-Verleihung die Selbst-Darmspiegelung. Abrahams pointed out that the wife in that couple suffered from Crohn's disease, a severe inflammation of the bowel that affects 1.6 million people in the US alone. In der Kategorie Ernährung wurde ein Wissenschaftler aus Großbritannien geehrt, der berechnete, dass die Kalorienaufnahme bei einer Ernährung ausschließlich mit Menschenfleisch deutlich geringer ist als die Kalorienaufnahme bei den meisten anderen traditionellen Ernährungsweisen mit Fleisch. These and other unusual research topics were honored tonight in a ceremony at Harvard University's Sanders Theater. „Die eigentliche Anerkennung gebührt aber einem meiner Patienten“, sagte Forscher David Wartinger in seiner Dankesrede. The 2018 Ig Nobel Prize Winners - Neatorama The 2018 Ig Nobel Prize Winners The 28th First Annual Ig Nobel Prizes were awarded last night in a ceremony at Harvard University's Sanders Theater. Papierflieger, echte Nobelpreisträger und viel Klamauk: Die schrillen Ig-Nobelpreise sind Kult. Think: Most of us are inclined to mutter a bit of profanity when stuck in traffic, but roughly one-quarter of us are particularly aggressive when it comes to shouting and cursing at other drivers (especially, it seems, in Spain). Iillustration: Niklas Elmehed. If you've ever had kidney stones, you'll value knowing that a rear seating position on a roller coaster is a good way to pass them more quickly. Someone who's interested in studying the rare cases of cannibalism throughout history, that's who—not just in modern humans but also in fossil remains from the Paleolithic era. The ceremony was webcast. Eine Auswahl der diesjährigen Preisträger. Die undotierten Auszeichnungen sollen „das Ungewöhnliche feiern und das Fantasievolle ehren“. Ein Wissenschaftler aus Japan wurde in der Kategorie medizinische Bildung geehrt für seinen Bericht „Darmspiegelung im Sitzen: Lehren aus Selbst-Darmspiegelung“. He called for further study comparing seated and supine positions to determine whether the former might be better for problem patients. Werde mich bei Gelegenheit auch in die unendlichen Weiten des Internets begeben und zu manchen Thesen … Ig Nobel: India should have its own version of prizes for weirdness 24 Sep, 2012, 06.14 AM IST Given the absurdities of life and people in India, we won’t even have to do any research to get the prizes. Stabbing a voodoo doll representing your supervisor with pins can be cathartic. Laugh: Marc Mitchell and David Wartinger, for using roller coaster ridesto hasten the passage of kidney stones. CNMN Collection Think: The people who design our consumer products (cell phones, DVD players, and so forth) often complain that customers just don't read the manual, and thus never make full use of all the amazing advanced features. But it could also one day help improve the design of hydrofoils, speed boats, or racing cars, for example, to achieve a better balance between the dueling forces of friction and aerodynamics as they zip across a surface. Thanks to science, if a fly lands in your wine, you'll know immediately from the "off" smell and taste if it was a female fly. It is in this spirit of curiosity and sense of play that we offer you the 2018 Ig Nobel Prize winners. That usually escalates the situation and could end up adversely impacting the company's bottom line. One of my favorite papers in 2015 was by a pair of Berkeley physicists who noticed an oddity while absent-mindedly spinning their wedding rings over coffee one day. Nobel laureates (L-R) Eric Maskin (2007 Economics), Wolfgang Ketterle (2011 Physics) and Michael Rosbash (2017 Medicine) participate in the 28th First Annual Ig Nobel … There's a long tradition of scientists using themselves as guinea pigs—in this case, to explore whether it might be better to conduct a colonoscopy while in a seated versus the usual supine position. The 2018 Ig Nobel Prizes were awarded at the 28th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, on Thursday, September 13, 2018, at Harvard's Sanders Theatre. Written on 5th October 2018. The reporter in question relished the chance to mock what he perceived to be frivolous and therefore useless science, citing a married couple who invented a special kind of underwear containing a charcoal filter, the better to trap gases from, well, farts. Laugh: Francisco Alonso, Cristina Esteban, Andrea Serge, Maria-Luisa Ballestar, Jaime Sanmartin, Constanza Calatayud, and Beatriz Alamar, for measuring the frequency, motivation, and effects of shouting and cursing while driving an automobile. Arthur Ashkin Born: 1922, USA. Understanding who does and does not RTFM could help companies design better manuals in the future—which, let's face it, most of us still won't read. The 2019 Ig Nobel Prizes were awarded at the 29th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, on Thursday, September 12, 2019, at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre.The ceremony was webcast. Laugh: Marc Mitchell and David Wartinger, for using roller coaster rides to hasten the passage of kidney stones. Sie kommen sogar gerne zu den - auch unter Forscher_innen anerkannten - Preisverleihungen, die in einem ausgelassenen Rahmen stattfinden, und lassen sich -ganz kultig- mit Papierfliegern bewerfen. The 28 th Annual Ig Nobel Awards took place on the 13th of September at Harvard University, awarding achievements that make people laugh — and then think. Featherstone was the first Ig Nobel Prize winner to appear in person at the awards ceremony to accept the award. But if you have a supervisor who routinely subjects you to public ridicule, scapegoating, or other abusive behavior, chances are you'll eventually retaliate as a knee-jerk attempt to restore a sense of justice. But there's also a serious side to the Ig Nobels. The recipients heard enough anecdotal reports of people passing stones more easily while bungee jumping or riding roller coasters (like the Big T… Acceptance speeches are limited to 60 seconds, strictly enforced by an eight-year-old girl nicknamed "Miss Sweetie-Poo," who will interrupt those who exceed the time limit by repeating, "Please stop. Sign up or login to join the discussions! I'm bored." The certificate is signed, as per tradition, by several Nobel Prize winners. The researchers were able to identify the specific pheromone, so powerful a single female fly could spoil a glass of wine. Laugh: Paul Becher, Sebastien Lebreton, Erika Wallin, Erik Hedenstrom, Felipe Borrero-Echeverry, Marie Bengtsson, Volker Jorger, and Peter Witzgall, for demonstrating that wine experts can reliably identify, by smell, the presence of a single fly in a glass of wine. Ad Choices, "The research being honored might seem ridiculous, but that doesn't mean it is devoid of scientific merit. Ceremonia de acordare a premiilor Ig Nobel se desfasoara la universitatea americana Harvard, la Sandres Theatre. Think: Even the recipients admit in their paper that "it is difficult to offer direct practical implications from our study."