[24][26][28] The private media was accused of biased reporting in support of the anti-Chávez protests and coup, with coverage being described as "lopsided",[29] as well as "suppress[ed] and manipulate[d]". [39] Chávez and his allies suggested other motives, including Soto's being passed over for promotion, and pointed to a report in The Washington Post alleging that Soto and Tamayo had received $100,000 each from Miami bank accounts in return for denouncing Chávez. [3], Chávez used a strategy of polarization in Venezuela, a them against us situation, in order to single out those who stood in the way of his progress. "There were many more people with aspirations than space to accommodate them, and they all seemed ready to jump ship when they felt they were being excluded" said Janet Kelly, a Veneuelan political commentator. [3] This feeling of being tricked especially affected the media since they originally supported Chávez and his promises. More importantly, he heard that "the United States was planning to prod a coup into action in Venezuela to head off any threat of embargo". Facts. Navy Vice Admiral Hector Rafael Ramirez agreed, saying, "We cannot allow a tyrant to run the Republic of Venezuela. Case Concerning the Arrest Warrant of 11 April 2000 (Democratic Republic of the Congo v Belgium) [2002] ICJ 1 was a public international law case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) with a judgment issued on 14 February 2002. [51] By 8:30 pm, Luis Miquilena, Chávez's mentor and a respected individual among his government being described as "the most important civilian who supported the Chávez government" pulled his support from Chávez stating, "I solemnly declare that it is very difficult that a government of this nature could ever count on the possibility of help on my part ... (the government) had ended up stained in blood". We hope that in your life you, as a human being, achieved more than that poor apple tree. [51] Vásquez Velasco called the tank commander ordering him to return with the commander complying with the general. Photos of the Moon come from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio. "[31][192] Opposition legislator Pedro Pablo Alcántara later said of Carmona's regime, "This government was put together at Gustavo Cisneros' office. [3] The growing dissatisfaction with Chávez among those in the military due to his aggressive manner and alliances with Cuba and paramilitaries also led multiple officers to call on Chávez to resign. Only one officer was found "not guilty". BMW 1502 - 2002 turbo > Katalogbild 11/04 Ersatzteile. [75] Later that day, hundreds of thousands to millions of Venezuelans marched to the PDVSA headquarters later that day in defense of its recently dismissed management board. The next time you can reuse your old 2002 calendar will be in 2030. Erscheinungsdatum. I nuovi illeciti penali ed amministrativi riguardanti le società commerciali. [52], Businessman Pedro Carmona Estanga, president of Fedecámaras, was installed as interim President after Chávez's detention. April 2002 wurde Venezuelas Präsident Hugo Chavez mit Unterstützung der CIA von wohlhabenden Oppositionskräften aus dem Amt geputscht. FAYETTE Edward “Eddie” DiTucci died Monday, April 8, 2002… Early Friday morning, Rincón told the public, incorrectly, that Chávez had resigned. Following these elections, Chávez had gained control of all formerly independent institutions of the Venezuelan government. The coup was allegedly planned for some time,[19][20] as those who opposed Chávez, such as business lobbies, private media, and Catholic organizations, felt that his government was becoming undemocratic and threatened their interests. April 11, 2002 was the 15th Thursday of that year. We didn't say, 'No, don't you dare'", though he denied the Defense Department offered material help, such as weaponry. Other signatories included the heads of the paramilitary National Guard and "several midlevel commanders based in the capital". UT Students Honored At Provost’s Banquet. [89][90][91] As marchers and Chavistas clashed, the Metropolitan Police attempted to separate both sides from further confrontation with two trucks with water cannons. [23] Meanwhile, according to Newsday, "cabinet members and honor guards sat glumly in the hallway outside ... Chávez's suite", awaiting news. April 11th (2002) was a Thursday. "[47] Another mistake was that, although he had spent months working closely with labour leader Carlos Ortega, he appointed no labor leaders to his cabinet. "[17] With the palace surrounded by protestors, and with several hundred paratroopers still ensconced beneath the palace, their commander, José Baduel, telephoned Carmona to tell him that he too was as much a hostage as Chávez was, and gave him an ultimatum that he return Chávez alive within 24 hours. And I had the courage to take that step. [82][88] As more marchers pressed toward Miraflores, the leaders of the protest, Guaicaipuro Lameda and Rear Admiral Molina Tamayo, "kept calling on them to surge forward for a direct assault on the palace about two hundred yards away" and urged the crowd to advance through the tear gas about 20 minutes after the initial confrontation. [153], Don MacKay of the Canadian Foundation of the Americas was troubled by the coup, saying: "This is the first time in a decade the military has stepped into power in Latin America. An hour and a half later, Carmona was named president of what was meant to be a transitional government.[54]. "[164] The United States embassy in Venezuela then allegedly informed Chávez of a possible coup, though Chávez ignored their warnings. The media owners and presidents, who admitted there may have been mistakes during the coup attempt, said "the media is democratic" and was opposed to any coup. [181], After a trial that had begun back in March 2006 which had seen "265 expert testimonies, 5,700 photos, 20 videos and 198 witnesses", in April 2009, the ten Metropolitan Police officers were convicted of crimes leading to the deaths of three demonstrators back on 11 April 2002. AGENDA . Prompted by the spreading news that Chávez had not resigned, Carmona's installation as President generated an uprising by Bolivarian Circles in support of Chávez that was suppressed by the Metropolitan Police. Referat Rudolf Brandner Stresemannallee 60596 Frankfurt am Main 8@u52w.s8r4u4v8QAuv.t53 Tel. 3/28 ; Announcements . Have a fantastic day! [80], "I don't think there was any intention of a coup", Carlos Ortega, president of the Venezuelan Workers Confederation, later told The Los Angeles Times. June 10. Perhaps the most prominent member of this group was Gen. Efrain Vásquez, Commander in Chief of the Army,[54] who said, "Mr. President, I was loyal to the end, but today's deaths cannot be tolerated. Let’s give it a quick spin. Home » Age Calculator » 2002 » April 11, 2002 How old am I if I was born on April 11, 2002? View all the posts from April 11, 2002 Campus News. [68] Brigadier General Néstor González then appeared on television to demand Chávez's resignation and to issue an ultimatum. [26][27] However, the United States repeatedly informed the Venezuelan opposition that they would not be supported if there were a coup and warned the Chávez government of the plot. The pro-Chávez Presidential Guard retook Miraflores without firing a shot, leading to the removal of the Carmona government and the re-installation of Chávez as president. 2009: North Spokane Heavy Snow. It was also reported that the Chávez supporting Bolivarian Circles surrounded media buildings which prevented their reporters from leaving the area. The day of the week was Thursday. "I was called by them to fill that role", he said. [147] "This is the day that Venezuelans have been waiting for", said Luis Vicente Leon, head of a Caracas polling firm. "[142] When CNN announced the rebellion against the coup of a key military division in Maracay (commanded by General Raúl Baduel), "CNN expressed amazement that the press were saying nothing. In einer Minute fertig! Instead, Chávez would be taken to La Orchila, a military base off the coast of Venezuela, until rebel leaders could decide Chávez's fate. "[30] Senior Research Fellow for the leftist thinktank Council on Hemispheric Affairs[191] and Chávez supporter Nikolas Kozloff wrote that Venevisión owner Gustavo Cisneros was "widely reported" to have bankrolled the coup and that he had hosted the coup plotters, including Carmona, at both his mansion and network offices, supposedly leading Newsweek to place Cisneros "at the vortex of the whole mess. Lucas Rincon announced Hugo Chavez resignation on national TV. There are left before your next birthday. U.S. Department of State and Office of Inspector General. "[110] By midday Saturday, as The Washington Post later reported, "key military leaders were growing concerned" about many of Carmona's actions, unconstitutional and otherwise. "[19], The Chicago Tribune said Carmona was "a buttoned-down businessman and economist who has degrees from Caracas' Andres Bello Catholic University and the University of Brussels" and who "has an international reputation, having represented Venezuelan commercial and diplomatic missions abroad". [175] A vehicle used by the Metropolitan Police later showed that approximately 600 bullets impacted the vehicle's side that was facing north toward the Puente Llaguno bridge. PDVSA management swiftly announced the end of oil exports to Cuba, and declared that it would step up production, implying an end to cooperation with OPEC. Now try another date like anniversaries, birthdays of someone you know or any other date that is special to you. When Lameda hung up, he told Hernandez that the call "was from an officer who was present when an order was issued to send the military intelligence police after him". März 2000 1 sowie Artikel 2 Absatz 2 der Rahmenverordnung vom 20. April 11, 2002: 3:01 PM EDT NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Federal regulators formally filed civil fraud charges against Xerox Thursday, ending a two … [51] The military felt that after fighting against Castro's influence, guerilla groups and attempts to overthrow previous Venezuelan governments to expand his revolutionary presence since the 1960s, that they had finally lost when Chávez came to power. "Documents Show C.I.A. April 15, 2002. EDWARD DiTUCCI. Die digitale Version der dt. [107] However, he declared that four conditions would have to be met, including that he be allowed to resign before the National Assembly, with power passing constitutionally to the Vice President prior to new elections, he and his family could go to Cuba and that he would be able to address the nation live on television. Shortly after midnight, Environment Minister Maria Elisa Osorio said, "The president is being forced to leave. vom 11. Below you can find dates and hours of all Moon Phases in 2002. [114], After two young female military prosecutors interviewed Chávez at Fort Tiuna on Friday morning about the 11 April massacre. "[192] Such allegations of Venezuelan media owners' active involvement in the coup has never been proven, but the media's actions in supporting the anti-Chávez movements hurt its credibility in the future. [28], On 27 April 2002, Chairman Cass Ballenger and Congressman Bill Delahunt of the United States also met with Venezuelan media heads of Venevisión, Globovisión, Unión Radio, El Nacional, Últimas Noticias and El Mundo, telling them that "the U.S. was opposed to any disruption of constitutional government and would condemn any coup, open or disguised, aimed at ousting Chávez". [9] As the march turned a corner and began to approach the Miraflores at about 2:00 pm, the National Guard fired about 12 tear gas canisters from behind the palace walls and the protesters fled back down the road. The Myth of a United Venezuela", The Washington Post, April 15, 2002 Monday, Chavez Reclaims Power in Venezuela; Leader Offers Opposition Conciliatory Statement, BYLINE: Scott Wilson, Washington Post Foreign Service, SECTION: A SECTION; Pg. April 11, 2002. April 11 2002. On 18 November 2004, a leading state prosecutor Danilo Anderson was assassinated shortly before he was scheduled to bring charges against individuals for their alleged participation in the coup. Dezember 2002: aufgehoben: Rundschreiben 33/2002 (WA) - Meldepflicht nach § 9 WpHG; Central Counterparty - Geschäftszeichen Z 11 - W 2110 - 47/2002 - 6. NED is, however, mindful of the fact that, in some circumstances, its efforts to assist specific organizations, or foster open elections, could be perceived as partisan. The message held Chávez responsible for massacring innocent people using snipers, referring to at least six dead and dozens wounded. [22] The strike began, according to The Washington Post, "as a managerial protest at the state-run oil company, but evolved into a broad effort supported by the country's largest business and labor groups to force Chávez from power. The 2003 documentary titled The Revolution Will Not Be Televised contradicts claims by private media in Venezuela that the pro-Chávez group was firing on the opposition protest from Llagano Bridge. Listen to Simone Sassoli - Live at Universale (Stand Up - 11 aprile 2002) by Simone Sassoli on hearthis.at | Deep House Sprache. In addition, he vowed that "justice would be done" for the survivors of those who had been massacred. [30] RCTV had also sent its reporters to quiet parts of town for "live shots of tranquility" and allegedly ignored the events. [121] The Miami Herald reported that even Chávez had described Carmona as "straightforward and low-key – until schemers manipulated him". Chávez suspected apertura supporters of ultimately wanting to privatize the company, and the government attacked PDVSA management saying it was diverting too much of its revenues into its own pockets[45] (PDVSA royalties paid to the state had fallen from 71% of gross earnings in 1981 during the peak of Venezuela's economy to 39% in 2000 following decades of financial hardship). "[47], In Chile, newspapers circulated information soon after the coup attempt showing the Chilean government's "discomfort" with Chávez returning to power, with President Ricardo Lagos holding Chávez accountable for the political crisis in Venezuela. Wilson, Scott, "Clash of visions pushed Venezuela toward coup". [40][41] While some of the land was genuinely given to the vulnerable, much of it was used in a system of patronage for party members loyal to Chávez. Hey! April 2003 im Meldewesen gemäß § 9 WpHG - Gz: Z 11 - W 2110 - 45/2002 - 4. [51] Vásquez Velasco then ordered the Chávez-loyalist General Carneiro be arrested before he could arrest the other officers under Chávez's orders, but Carneiro complied with Vásquez Velasco. [138], At a 10 April meeting involving media representatives, Vice President Diosdado Cabello and Minister of Defense Rangel, the Venezuelan government blamed the media for the anti-government demonstrations, with Cabello stating the media would be "responsible for the blood that will be shed"; Globovision's president rejected this, saying the Venezuelan government had called on Chávez supporters to confront opposition marches near Miraflores. [77] The organizers of the march had planned to announce a "spontaneous" decision to reroute the march and "descend on Miraflores presidential palace to force the president to resign". Castillo, Antonio. Carmona said he had accepted the interim presidency because he was told by military officers that Chávez had resigned. Miraflores!" This request was not honored because hard-line members of the coalition wanted to prosecute Chávez for the killings outside Miraflores. After 5:30 pm when most of the gunfire concluded, the filmmakers of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised used manipulated footage, according to Nelson, in order to show an empty Baralt Avenue that Chavistas were overlooking. There were 264 days remaining until the end of the year. [94][138], Controversially, private television stations were able to share a video of pro-government chavistas allegedly firing at protesters. Protesters cut the mission's utility cables, slashed tires, and smashed the windshields of three cars with diplomatic plates. mondo Sharon non cede a Bush "Basta pressioni Usa" Status. ... Everything is set for the military to let the president know he can't push this country to spill blood. Binden sie den aktuellen Monatskalender mit Feiertagen auf ihrer eigenen Webseite ein. [attribution needed][62] On 5 April 2002, the PDVSA opposition to Chávez moved to shut down the company. 11 April 2002. [26], According to Chávez activist and author Eva Golinger in her 2006 book The Chávez Code,[161] on 5 March 2002, the US Embassy cabled Washington to report that Fedecámaras, the CTV, and the Catholic Church had reached an agreement named "Bases for a Democratic Accord", which the cable described as "ten principles on which to guide a transitional government". [157] Rear Admiral Carlos Molina, a central leader of the coup, later said that "We felt we were acting with US support ... we agree that we can’t permit a communist government here. [135] Since Chávez was being held in a secret location, the presidency was assumed for several hours by Vice President Diosdado Cabello until Chávez was reinstated. [195] Media workers face legal barriers, defamation lawsuits from Venezuelan officials or are targets of violence. [133], Speaking afterward about his one-day presidency, Carmona told The Miami Herald that he had been "misunderstood because ... the opposition wasted too much time forming a cabinet and naming the high military command", whereas if the coup had "been hatched in advance, those key decisions would have already been made". "[123] Oscar Garcia Mendoza, president of the major bank Venezolano de Creditor, ran a "gigantic newspaper ad" celebrating Chávez's ouster, which, he wrote, would "substantially improve Venezuelan society". [47], The existing military grew wary of Chávez due to his relationship with Fidel Castro and the Colombian guerrilla group FARC that they were previously taught "were the greatest threat to their country". [152], Cuban president Fidel Castro later confirmed that after the coup his government had "contacted the ambassadors of 21 countries in an attempt to get a plane to Venezuela to rescue Chávez. [189][190] Following the coup attempt, the Venezuelan media was blamed as being a major contributor to the unrest in Venezuela with one Foreign Policy article, supporting the statements by Le Monde diplomatique about the media's involvement, stating, "Never in the history of Latin America had the media played quite so prominent a role in facilitating the overthrow of a democratically elected government," noting that "the majority of private outlets in Venezuela were owned by wealthy families with an interest in ousting Chávez. Carmona, described by The Miami Herald as "president for a day" told the newspaper that his acceptance of that position was, in the Herald's paraphrase, "as a spontaneous act of bravery, not the result of a monthslong conspiracy". "[142] Venezuelan television media failed to broadcast news of Chávez supporters retaking of the Miraflores palace; the four major television networks stopped providing news reports altogether. [92], Shortly after 6:00pm, word spread at Fort Tiuna that Chávez-loyalist General Carneiro was still seeking to implement Plan Ávila. During his brief rule, the National Assembly and the Supreme Court were both dissolved and the country's 1999 Constitution was declared void. Know some interesting info about your day of birth including famous birthdays and the meaning of your birth. [18], Whilst Chávez was temporarily removed from office, the Caracas Stock Exchange saw liquid stocks reach record levels, with the index growing nearly 1000 points in a single trading session. [97][dubious – discuss] The La Nacional building housed the offices of pro-Chávez mayor Freddy Bernal. [113] He was able to get word out that he had not in fact resigned, via a telephone call to his daughter, who, via switchboard operators at Miraflores still loyal to Chávez, was able to speak first to Fidel Castro and then to Cuban television. [136] After the coup, Carmona was placed under house arrest, but was able to gain asylum in the Colombian embassy after an anti-Chávez protest drew away his security detail. A person born on this day will be 18 years old today. Days after the firing of PDVSA heads, on 9 April, the general strike was moderately successful and oil production slowed. Chavez war im Jahr … [23], General Vásquez ordered several generals to go to Miraflores and arrest Chávez. 19 … und vom 11. [119], Early on Friday, Carmona was sworn in as interim president. [47] Rincón denied that a coup was underway. Faced with this demand, Chávez "started working the phones" and also summoned a clergyman, Monsignor Baltazar Porras, to discuss "prayer and forgiveness", his purpose being "maybe as much to search his soul as to search for a way out of the crisis". [58][59], On 7 April, the same day that President Chávez fired the PDVSA officials, Chávez met with his cabinet and high level military officials and began the meeting calling the actions by the opposition "treasonous" and asked those gathered how to counteract such actions. [29], Chávez was first elected president in 1998. 01.04.2002. 11 Aprile 2002: La battaglia di Jenin 11 Aprile 2000 | in STORIA di CLASSE. We know that the protesters’ march on April 11, 2002, turned into a mighty firefight around the presidential palace, leaving 19 dead and hundreds wounded. [22] At the base, Chávez was forced to take off the uniform and beret and dress in civilian garb. "[22], At around 7:30 pm, Venevisión began broadcasting its version of events that afternoon, showing the Chavistas firing from Puente Llaguno, juxtaposed with footage of dead or wounded protesters, and accusing the Chavistas of shooting unarmed opposition protestors and of having planned an ambush. Don't let them through! [173] Bernal, a Chávez supporter and former leader of an elite police force, was accused by a Venezuelan military officer of complying with orders from the Defense Ministry to shoot opposition demonstrators. Make it better. April 12th . [3] Venezuela became Cuba's largest trade partner while Chávez, following Castro's example, consolidated the country's bicameral legislature into a single National Assembly that gave him more power[35] and created community groups of loyal supporters allegedly trained as paramilitaries. DKE/K 132. [36], Chávez said after his reinstatement as president, "This coup d'etat would not have been possible without the help of the news media, especially television", and began a campaign to establish a "media hegemony" to prevent similar media conduct from happening in the future. Ricochets were also possible from Chavistas ranks firing through the spokes of the railing on the bridge. ... We were sending informal, subtle signals that we don't like this guy. (Cooper and Legler 2005). By 10 pm this too was gone, as police loyal to Miranda governor Enrique Mendoza took it over, its employees putting on an old nature documentary before leaving. [51] "The killings at the anti-Chávez demonstration rocked the country", The New York Times reported on April 20, "reviving memories of the violent events in 1989, known as the Caracazo, in which hundreds were killed by government forces. [120], On 13 April, the editors of The New York Times applauded what they incorrectly described as Chávez's resignation, calling him a "ruinous demagogue" and cheering the fact that "Venezuelan democracy [was] no longer threatened by a would-be dictator". There's a coup. [30] The law, which was extended to the Internet and social media in 2010, requires media companies to "establish mechanisms to restrict, without delay, the dissemination of messages. [3] Such actions created great fear among Venezuelans who felt like they were tricked and that Chávez had dictatorial goals. I am not manipulated. Juli 2002 - Rs. [139] The third major newspaper, Últimas Noticias, printed a limited Sunday edition accurately reflecting events; some tabloids and regional television stations also covered the news. Holy Toledo! "Soon press conferences flooded the airwaves as dozens of officers, more than 50 in all, denounced the president. [96], Immediately after Chávez finished his broadcast at 5:25pm he changed into his military fatigues and grabbed his rifle and pistol worrying about rebels entering the palace. IEC 60300-3-11:1999-03. [28] On the evening of 11 April, with the coup in full swing, one coup plotter, Colonel Julio Rodriguez Salas, told television viewers that the coup had been long planned: "Nine months ago a movement started to organise itself more firmly, a serious movement, and fortunately it has come to fruition today. [82][88] By that time, Lameda, Molina Tamayo, Carmona, and CTV leader Carlos Ortega had already left the area. In the confusion of the meeting, Chávez ally Jorge García Carneiro crossed out the section recognising Carmona; and it was in this form that the statement was read to CNN (since no Venezuelan media would broadcast it). C-62/00, Marks & Spencer - Slg. mondo L'esercito si ritira dai villaggi ma entra all'università di Bir Zeit Si arrendono gli ultimi 29 combattenti palestinesi di Jenin Repubblica.it 11 aprile 2002 sez. An announcer repeatedly cautioned viewers, 'We are living in times of political change'" while also urging viewers to remain "prudent" and not to spread "false alarms" or "rumors". Nota 11 aprile 2002. A shootout started at the Llaguno Overpass, near the Miraflores Palace, and by that evening 19 people were dead, including both supporters and opponents of the government.